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Faith the cat is thankful at her new place

December 2, 2012

faithFaith, the three legged cat, used to live at a home with several other cats and two dogs. The owners, already low-income,  got sicker and overwhelmed, and decided to keep only one dog and one cat who were too old to find another place. Phinney’s Friends helped them rehome their pets and make sure they would be all right in no-kill shelters until someone would adopt them out.

Faith was not in good shape before being adopted, especially because the other cats would bully her all day long. She was also not very into socializing with people. Despite all the challenges, one of our volunteers, Ellen, decided to give this girl a chance.

She is still very shy, jumpy, and nervous and runs away from people, but she made huge progress since she arrived at her new place. Her hair is so soft and she looks great. She actually will sleep on the couch with Ellen now, and she did so on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful way to tell Ellen how thankful Faith is for all she has done for her.

“She is much more relaxed even though she is jumpy and easily spooked,” says Ellen. “I think she likes her new home. She deserves a nice place that’s nice and peaceful for her. I think she is happy here.”

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  1. Elizabeth Warshaw permalink
    December 2, 2012 5:37 pm

    Blessings to you. Faith looks peaceful, protected, and happy in her new home.

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