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What Phinney’s Friends is doing – QATV interview

September 14, 2012

From left, Daniela Caride, President; Jill, Governor, volunteer; and Krystyne Cheever, show host.

President Daniela Caride and long-time volunteer Jill Governor were guests at All Friends Cabaret on Quincy Access TV last month. They talked with host Krystyne Cheever about Phinney’s Friends, what it’s like to be a volunteer, what the organization can do for the community. It was a longer show than expected (30 min. instead of 20 min.), Krystyne said. But the conversation was flowing so well, she confessed, that she had to make an effort to end it.
We all had a lot of fun. Well, it’s always fun to talk about things we are passionate about. :-)
Watch the interview below and please let us know if you have any questions about the organization by leaving us a comment. Enjoy!

Thank you, Jill, for organizing this and being available to talk, and Krystyne, for giving such great opportunity to talk about our work.

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