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Team work saved Izzy from a spay gone bad

September 10, 2012

Jennifer, who lives in Revere with her 1-year-old cat Izzy, finally saved enough money for a low-cost spay. It was hard, since she’s on disability. As a responsible cat mom, she took her beloved Izzy to the clinic. A week after the surgery, though, Izzy was still not eating or pooping. Jennifer then took her to the vet and spent every last penny on x-rays, which were not enough to find out what was wrong or to treat Izzy in any way. Doctors said it could be an instenstial bowel obstruction, but they couldn’t tell. They recommended further testing, like blood work, and possibly exploratory surgery.

That’s when Jennifer’s daughter contacted MRFRS/FARS, two wonderful organizations with which Phinney’s Friends always partners to save lives. Once more we got together to help this family — MRFRS/FARS sent Izzy to a partnering vet hospital, paid half of the vet bill, and Phinney’s paid the other half of Izzy’s treatment, which included emergency surgery. It turned out that severe adhesions developed as a reaction to her spaying. Her bowel was strangled and such lesions needed to be removed as soon as possible. The doctors said her pain level was awful and the medication helped tremendously as soon as she got the right treatment.

Today we received this lovely letter from Jennifer’s daughter, who has been helping her mom taking care of Izzy…

“Thank you for your assistance with Izzy! We were really lucky to get your quick response, and everyone has been so helpful with the situation. Izzy is doing much better now, is eating and using the bathroom normally. She will be staying with me in Haverhill until she makes a full recovery and then will be going back to my mom. She really appreciates it and so do I. She is really cuddly and sweet and I am so happy she was able to make it through this!” ~ Sarah.

Mission accomplished, folks. This family will stay together for many years to come thanks to your donations and volunteer efforts. :-)

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  1. Chris C. permalink
    September 11, 2012 2:49 pm

    Truly an amazing story! A job well done by all!!

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