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Today would be Bill Phinney’s birthday

August 21, 2012

If Bill Phinney were still alive, he would be celebrating his birthday today. He was a tremendous pet lover and, as an MSPCA law-enforcement officer, he saved and protected hundreds of animals. When he became sick and had to surrender his own pets, not only his heart was broken, but also the hearts of everyone who knew him.

That’s why we are together as a group today, as Phinney’s Friends. Because of Bill Phinney.

We know how sad Phinney’s situation must have been, and how important Phinney’s Friends work is, of keeping people and pets together. We know how important our pets are to us, and us to them, and what a difference they make, especially when we get sick and have them around to comfort us.

I like to think that my pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge always look out for me and wag their tails at me from up there in heaven. And every time I do something for Phinney’s Friends, I picture Bill Phinney smiling at me, just like in this picture above. By volunteering for Phinney’s Friends, I feel a part of this wonderful human being is part of me.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for Phinney’s Friends, be it volunteer work, sending us a donation, or spreading the word out about us. I’m sure Bill would be very proud of us all and, if there’s a heaven, he still is.

Have a wonderful Phinney’s day. :-)

Daniela Caride – President

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