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A thank you note from Omelette the cat

July 27, 2012

Hi all,

I’d like to share a Phinney’s Friends happy ending. Alysha’s cat, Omelette, was attacked by a dog, who destroyed the screened door and grabbed him by the belly. Trying to break up the fight, Alysha also got bitten, and Omelette’s life was seriously threatened by the many lacerations he got.
Omelette was rushed into the nearest vet hospital and had emergency surgery. We helped pay part of the vet bill, so Omelette’s family would have a chance at a new beginning. Alysha had recently lost her job on top of the injuries she and her cat suffered…
We were all so happy when we got Alysha’s thank-you note at our PO Box.
Dear Phinney’s Friends and Daniela,
Thank you for your generous donation to help Omelette recover. We couldn’t have handled the sky-high vet bills without your help! Omey is such a fighter and is slowly but surely coming back from his traumatic event. Thank you for all the hard work your organization does.
Alysha and Tammy
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