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A stronger Phinney’s Friends

July 5, 2012

This was Phinney’s Friends Board of Directors as of April, 2012. Eight amazing women with one thing in common — their will to help pet owners in need.

During the three years we volunteered together, our dreams were big enough to inspire 60 other people to join the cause. We saw volunteers do a little bit of everything for the ones who needed support. They drove pet owners to life-saving vet visits. They fostered dogs and cats while the owners were in the hospital. They held people’s hands when it was time for them to let their pets go to heaven. They visited with the elderly to chat about their favorite subject: cats and dogs, of course. :-)

Phinney’s Friends volunteers made all the difference in the lives of both the people we helped and their pets. And we were able to inspire others, who raised funds and donated items, services and money, so we could help more pet owners get by. Now the Phinney’s Friends Board has reached a new phase, celebrating many accomplishments:

• Offering ongoing care to 60 families in the Boston Area, providing pet care, helping pay for vet visits, giving advice and emotional support when times are hard.

• The organization has also provided financial aid to dozens of pet owners in the Boston Area who experienced sudden emergencies, such as the need of vet treatment for ear infections, kidney stones and a spinal cord injury, to name a few. We have helped pay for veterinary surgeries to remove bladder stones, eye tumor, leg tumor and infected teeth, among others.

• This amazing group of volunteers also drove all over Massachusetts, distributing tons of donated pet food and supplies to low-income families.

The Board has concluded it’s three-year term with a sense of mission accomplished. With a big smile, just as you see in the picture above. And we offer well wishes and many thanks to Beth and Leah, as they step down from their positions of President and Vice-President.

Our new Board steps in with a dream of growth: finding more volunteers and generous donors. We expect Phinney’s Friends to continue reaching out to others who are in danger of losing their beloved pets.

I believe we will make it. Phinney’s Friends has a million challenges ahead and one big purpose — to bring comfort and happiness to people and their animals when they most need it. This purpose has proven to be stronger than anything we’ve come across so far. And as the new President of the Board, I’ll do everything in my power to make the organization grow even bigger and stronger, so we can make sure more pets will stay safe and healthy at home, with their loving families.

Are you ready to save a life? Are you ready to make dreams come true? To give a chance to someone desperate? Join us and bring your friends. You will get so many hugs and hear so many thank you’s, Phinney’s Friends will change your life too.

Daniela Caride
President of the Board

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  1. July 16, 2012 3:01 pm

    I’m so proud to be a part of Phinney’s Friends! A great group of people making lives better for people and pets in need. So rewarding.


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