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Thank you letter from a future vet

June 20, 2012

Here’s a letter that Crystal just got in the mail from a little girl whose kitty’s leg we recently helped save. Crystal is president of the Feline Adoption & Rescue Society (FARS), and she has been combining her efforts with Phinney’s Friends team to help animals who are going through emergencies.

Crystal recently received a call from MRFRS about a family whose cat sustained a broken radius and ulna. Kiddy is a 4.5 year old indoor-only female cat that the family took in when their neighbors moved away and abandoned her. The daughter, Erika, loves Kiddy to bits, and is her primary caretaker. Erika wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Last week the 15-year-old son was holding Kiddy in his arms when he opened the back door to let their dog into the house from their fenced-in back yard. Kiddy got spooked by the dog rushing in, jumped out of the son’s arms, and bolted outside. Because she has never been out before, the son panicked and ran after her to apprehend her. When he went to grab her, he inadvertently stepped on Kiddy’s leg, fracturing both her radius and ulna. 

The father recently lost his job and the family has been struggling financially. The mom took Kiddy to their local vet, who charged $100 just to evaluate the cat, wrap the limb, and give her pain medication. The family could not afford the $250.00 for the x-rays the vet needed to confirm and visualize the break. The estimate for surgery – a likely amputation – was over $2,000. The family was denied by Care Credit and was facing euthanasia for Kiddy, or having to surrender her. They took Kiddy home, kept her comfortable, and began contacting all the places they could to see if they could find some help.  That is when they reached out to MRFRS’ FARS Program, and Crystal got in touch with Phinney’s Friends. 

FARS made arrangements for the family to take Kiddy to Dr. Grillo at Newbury Animal Hospital. Dr. Grillo examined Kiddy, performed x-rays, did blood work, and administered pain medication.  After considering her situation overnight, Dr. Grillo decided that the best thing to do for Kiddy was to plate her fracture – something he was not comfortable doing.  He said he would be willing to donate everything he had done to date – including the digital x-rays – to a vet that would be able to plate her leg.

FARS reached out to board certified surgeon Dr. Woolfson at Medway Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Woolfson reviewed the films and concurred with Dr. Grillo’s recommendation. To assist FARS and Kiddy’s family, Dr. Woolfson generously cut his fee for the procedure in half, to $1,000. And Phinney’s Friends allocated $500 towards the surgery.   

The next day, Kiddy had her radius and ulna plated, and is recovering nicely. Dr. Woolfson is very pleased with the outcome.  Thanks to Dr. Woolfson, Dr. Grillo, Phinney’s Friends and FARS, Kiddy’s leg was salvaged and she is expected to make a full recovery.

Erika couldn’t be happier, and the son is relieved that he doesn’t have to feel responsible for Kiddy losing her leg, or worse yet, be surrendered or euthanized because of this freak accident. 


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