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Snoopy is safe, thanks to Phinney’s Friends donors

June 12, 2012

Gizmo and Snoopy, happy at home with Raymond, thanks to the generosity of Phinney’s Friends donors. (Adrienne Dussault photo)

Our client Raymond went through a terrible experience last week. One of his beloved dogs, Snoopy, needed emergency surgery to remove bladder stones. He had no way to pay for such expensive procedure. So he gave Danvers Animal Hospital all he could, and Phinney’s Friends contributed with most of his remaining vet bill, thanks to the generosity of our donors. (By the way, Danvers Hospital was amazingly kind to perform the surgery knowing Raymond couldn’t pay for it.)

Snoopy is recovering at home, and Raymond is very happy. Here’s an email Raymond sent us this week…
Dear Daniela et al,
The thank you I acknowledged on Sunday fell short the depths of my full emotion. Sunday evening I cried once again realizing there are those in this world who are good, and I not realizing why I deserve such kindness. The burden lifted was only money, but the relief of emotions far outweighed the count of such coinage.
The payment to the vets who have cared so well for Snoopy and Gizmo, even prior to my entertaining they should share my life and home, was more important than any other form of living until now.
You are right in how much I care for them and even today I cried again as I ventured to shop for groceries I was not sure I would have. And still in my luxury of spending, I bought them treats, heaven knows they deserve them.
Again I thank you, words that seem so insignificant considering the deed.
Raymond & The Lads …
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