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May 18, 2012

We’ve been helping Barney, a sweet senior cat who lives in Boston. His dad, Tom, is hospitalized for a broken ankle, and Barney was home alone for weeks. The cleaning staff in the assisted-living building was changing his box and feeding him, and one of the ladies, Ana, asked management if she could go visit him every day, so she could make sure Barney would be always fed and clean.

The daily visits probably saved Barney’s life because he wouldn’t have much of a chance of being adopted at his age (16) if he ended up in a shelter, and Tom would have been distraught if he lost his best friend. But Ana has a full time schedule and can’t spend a lot of time with Barney. So we reached out to Phinney’s Friends volunteers to keep an eye on him and keep him company. Our volunteers have been visiting every day, and have been sending reports. I was so happy to read those reports because we can clearly see that our volunteers care so much about this little guy.

This is one of the latest reports, from our volunteer Chris…

Hi, Daniela
I visited Barney Tue. and Wed. for lengthy stints. He’s doing well. I’m sure these daily visits are saving him. He relaxes almost immediately after you arrive. His opened bag of Oral food was going sour. I tossed it and opened the 2nd bag of Oral. I put some in a dish with the Hairball. One dish with both is quite enough for him each day, as I see it. I had given him one sardine a day for several visits, as his skin is very dry. His coat appears much better, but it’s kinda soon for that, and it may be because of all the brushing.
 He’s getting good exercise with the mouse, the red laser, some sponge balls.  I had him watch me add some ice to one of the two bowls of water, which amused him for quite a while. His litter needs changing, as the apt. smells a little, tiny bit bad when you first enter. However, I only had time to add an entire half a small box of Baking Soda to it — didn’t have the wherewithall to change out litter last night, as it was late, and I spent a lot of time playing with him and otherwise straightening up. I brought some more baggies (I’ve had at home for years) for litter and some market shopping baggies (from my humungous supply at home) for trash in kitchen.
That cat is actually very gracious when you leave, if I’m reading him right.  He’s calm, lets out one of his inimitable meows, but softly, and sees you to the door, his eyes never off you.  The visits are saving him, I’m pretty sure.
I’m so happy I found Phinney’s Friends. I not only get to help people and pets at the same time, but I also get to meet people who care about pets as much as I do. What a blessing! I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have been helping our low-income people, and especially Barney’s team. Thank you so much for making a difference!
– Daniela Caride
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