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Faith the three-legged cat is enjoying her new home

April 27, 2012

Phinney’s Friends helps a family in Salem who used to have a lot of cats and dogs, and almost no income. Even though they had no money, the animals were very clean and well cared for. We helped them find homes for the newborn kittens and some cats they had, and we taught them about pet care and the need to spay and neuter their animals, so they wouldn’t keep having more litters. We helped them pay for spaying and neutering for all the remaining cats they had – Smokey, Sylvester, Faith and Sofie. And they kept their two dogs.

Things were good until recently, when on top of being unemployed, the husband fell ill and could no longer care for so many pets. We found a wonderful new home for Sylvester, with one of Phinney’s Friends clients who had recently lost his feline friend and was devastated. We found a spot at a no-kill shelter for Smokey, a spunky cat. And Faith, their three-legged cat, went home with her new family — one of our volunteers, her mom and cat. Faith is warming up to her new environment and, according to her mom, she loves watching the birds outside and hanging out with her sister.

Here’s a picture of Faith today, at her new home.

Now the family in Salem is down to one cat — Sofie, who is almost 20 years old — and two dogs. We are still looking for a new home for Poo, who is a 7-year-old beautiful Lab mix. If you know of anyone looking for a big dog, please let us know. They will keep Sadie, who is 12 and lower energy.

We try to help people in need as best as we can, so they can keep their pets. In this case, this family was better off keeping the pets they could handle, ensuring that their animals get the care they need. As much as they miss their other pets, they made a very difficult and responsible decision — put the interest of their pets first. We are proud of them, and very happy we could help place them in loving homes.

Thank you, volunteers, for the hard work!

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