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Susan, Toga & Ace were happy to see us

December 10, 2011

This week, Adrienne and I visited Susan, who has been a Phinney’s Friends client for many, many years. She lives in the north shore with her two Siamese cats, Toga and Ace. We brought them some kitty food, updated their information and had a wonderful conversation about life.

Ace, hanging out, while we talked with Susan.

Toga is very outgoing and sweet, and came to us right away to say hi. Ace is shy, so he decided to watch the squirrels outside on top of his cat tree while we chatted with his mom.

Toga decided to lounge on her chair after we petted him.

That was the first time I met Susan in person, and I’m sure that was the first of many visits. She is lovely, just like her feline family, and I hope we get to talk again soon. Being a Phinney’s Friends volunteer is such a gift. I get to meet and help amazing people and animals, and by doing it I make sure they will never be apart.

Toga (and Ace, of course) is Susan

– Daniela Caride, Board Member

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