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Elizabeth thanks Phinney’s

August 20, 2011

Elizabeth, who owns two senior cats and a very sweet dog, sent us an e-mail last week. We have been helping her with pet food and other supplies every now and then.

Dear Daniela,

Thanks so much for the food and the “doggy stairs”.

Snickers and Twinkie, particularly, love the stairs. They were on them the minute Heather put them on the floor.

Daniela, without the help of Phinney’s Friends I probably would not be able to keep my pets. My doctor says to me “You know, Elizabeth, it’s those animals that keep you going. Without them you would just give up, they keep your spirts up !!”

It is always such a reward when Morty or the kitties come over rub against me, look at me, get in my lap,  and I can see in their eyes that they are saying, “Hey, Mom, I love you!”. They are just so expressive and so sweet.

Again, I’m very grateful and I thank you Phinney’s Friends.

PEACE,  Elizabeth

Please consider forwarding this letter to a friend, explaining the work we do. Maybe you can help us find more volunteers and funds to help more low-income pet owners in dire straits.

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