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Can you take a pet to the vet?

February 15, 2011

Many of Phinney’s Friends clients heavily rely on our Vet Voucher program. It gives them $125 every year to help them with vet expenses, paying for emergency visits and regular vet care appointments.

We need people to transport clients and/or their pets to the vet during business hours or weekends. How it works?

  • You become a volunteer
  • We send an e-mail telling you about a client need (not more than one per week)
  • You respond if you want
  • If you want to help, we send you more information and help you accomplish the task

It’s really a one-time volunteer opportunity. You do as much as you want, as often as you want.

If you would like to join us, that’s the perfect time to do it. We need help more than ever. We are taking in more clients, so we can help more people and their pets in the Boston area.

Also, we are expanding our network of veterinary clinics that accept our vouchers. We have just settled an agreement with the Boston Alliance for Animals, so we can offer one more affordable and reliable veterinary clinic to our clients at a central Boston location.

Maybe you can’t help with transportation. But maybe your friends can? If you know someone who loves animals and is looking for a volunteer opportunity that could even be a one-time job, please, talk to him. We would love to welcome more pet-loving people to Phinney’sFriends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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