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Food for the hungry – wanna help?

January 28, 2011

Phinney’s Friends have been distributing lots of emergency food supplies for low income people in the Boston area. The generous food and toy donations we have been getting from local PETCO stores are feeding dozens of pets in need and alleviating our clients’ monthly expenses.

Some of our volunteers keep small pantries of donated food at home. The supplies go to pets in Everett, Hyde Park, Roslindale, Dorchester and many other locations. The food we cannot place among our clients is donated to food pantries and animal shelters that we trust and admire.

We are looking for volunteers who can deliver food to clients. This can be a one-time thing or a once-a-month volunteer opportunity, and there may even be a client who lives in your neighborhood. If you are interested, please get in touch with us!

We can also use help with sorting and labeling food. We and our clients are so thankful for the large volumes of food donations we have been receiving. Now we need assistance picking up and managing our inventory. If you are interested in sorting and distributing our food supply, please contact us. This is a great opportunity for someone who may not want to work directly with clients but still wants to make a difference.


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