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Little Griffin Gets a Pain-Free Mouth

May 21, 2017

18342661_10212339108054261_819931498948016184_n.jpgThis is sweet Griffin. Isn’t he the cutest?!? His mom contacted Phinney’s in the early spring because her veterinarian recommended that Griffin’s loose tooth be extracted. Smaller dogs are more prone to dental disease than larger dogs, and therefore it was likely that once the vet got in there, more than one extraction would be needed.

Griffin’s mom got an estimate for the dental procedure, and it was more then she could afford. Phinney’s Friends was able to assist her with the cost of the dental procedure . The surgery was scheduled and a basic scale and polish procedure was done along with five tooth extractions to give Griffin a healthy, pain-free mouth. That’s right – five extractions! That’s a lot of teeth!
Griffin’s mom has happily told us that he’s all healed and doing great. What was her message to Phinney’s? “We love you guys!” We love you too, Griffin. Be well. We hope the tooth fairy brings you five treats for those five teeth!

Paws in Bloom – Find the Artist in Your Dog

May 6, 2017


Don’t miss our upcoming event Paws in Bloom at the Pet Source in Concord on June 10th and the Pet Source in Marlborough on June 24th. Your $20 donation will make a difference, and you will leave with a beautiful piece of paw print artwork for your home.

Plants Poisonous to Pets

April 26, 2017

Ahhh, spring! A beautiful season filled with sunshine, warmth and beautiful flowers and plants. It’s the perfect time of year to step out with your furry friends to enjoy nature. While out and about, be sure to keep in mind that not all flowers and plants are safe for our furry little ones to play with (or gnaw, as my dog likes to do). Listed below are a few common yet poisonous plants and flowers to keep your pets away from, both indoors and outdoors.

Spring Crocus
spring crocus
Ingestion may cause general gastrointestinal upset, which includes both vomiting and diarrhea.

Autumn crocus
autumn crocus
The spring blooming Crocus should not be confused with its close relative, the Autumn Crocus, which contains Colchicine. This is a very toxic plant that may cause severe vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver damage, kidney damage and respiratory failure.

Eating just a few leaves may result in diarrhea, vomiting and excessive drooling. These symptoms may progress further to induce coma or death.

It is the roots of this plant, not the flower, that may cause the most harm. If ingested, the cyclamen root may cause severe vomiting and death.

When ingested, this succulent plant may cause diarrhea, vomiting and heart arrhythmias.



day lily
There is a wide variety of Lilies — some very dangerous and others benign.

Calla Lilies, Peace Lilies and Peruvian Lilies
Calla Lilies, Peace Lilies and Peruvian Lilies contain oxalate crystals. When ingested, these types of Lilies may cause minor symptoms such as irritation in the mouth, tongue, pharynx and esophagus. Typically, these irritations will make your pet drool.

Tiger Lilies, Day Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Easter Lilies and Japanese Show Lilies
These are very toxic and dangerous to your pet, particularly to cats. Ingesting just a small amount of these plants (just a flower petal or leaf) will cause advanced kidney failure. If you suspect that your cat has eaten even a trace amount of a Lily, bring him to a veterinarian immediately along with a sample of the plant.

Oleander is a popular outdoor plant with leaves and flowers. These leaves and flowers are very toxic. If ingested, they may cause vomiting, a slowed heart rate and death.

This popular plant is often found outdoors as well as indoors. If ingested, it may cause oral irritation, nausea, drooling, vomiting and difficulty swallowing.

These common flowers contain lycorine which, is an alkaloid with emetic properties. Strong emetic properties may cause vomiting in your pet. Ingestion of the bulb, flower or plant mat lead to severe vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cardiac arrhythmias and a lowered respiratory rate. The crystals found in the outer portion of the bulbs may cause severe oral irritation and excessive drooling.

Lily of the Valley
lily of the valley
This plant, the Convallaria majalis, contains cardiac glycosides. The symptoms associated with cardiac glycosides are vomiting, diarrhea, lowered heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias and seizures.

Sago Plant
This plant is popular in warmer climates and when ingested, the leaves and seeds may cause vomiting, bloody stools, damage to the stomach lining, liver failure and death.

Tulips and Hyacinths
The toxic portion of these plants is concentrated near to the bulbs. Ingestion of these bulbs may cause irritation to the mouth and esophagus. Drooling, vomiting, increased heart rate, changes in respiration and diarrhea may present, depending upon how much of the plant was consumed.

Should you see any of these symptoms in your pets, bring them to a veterinarian immediately for care. The sooner that you bring your pet to a veterinarian, the sooner they will be able to intervene to provide treatment and greatly improve the prognosis of your loved one.

It’s also important to bring a sample of the plant (in a tightly closed container or bag) with you. This will assist your veterinarian in diagnosing the type of poison ingested and may save your pets life.

If you’re not sure what your pet has eaten, bring your pet to a veterinarian immediately, as some symptoms may not present instantly and may develop over the coming hours or days.

Some types of intervention that your veterinarian may perform are decontamination (induced vomiting and administering binders, such as activated charcoal), aggressive intravenous fluids treatment, kidney monitoring tests and additional varieties of supportive care.
So, enjoy the outdoors while keep a close eye on your beloved pets!


Disclaimer: This blog is meant for informational and educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. Phinney’s Friends is not a veterinarian. If you believe your pet has consumed a poisonous plant, contact your veterinarian immediately.

“Make a Splash” Dog Basket Auction Happening Now!

April 23, 2017

The bids are coming in, friends! Make sure you go to Facebook now and bid on our “Make a Splash” dog basket.  The basket is valued at $165, and is made-up entirely of brand-new items donated to Phinney’s. The amount we raise will be used to pay vet bills of pets in need, which is our biggest expense as an organization.

Bidding ends this Sunday, April 30th, at noon. Click HERE to bid!


How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Make Her Feel Better!

April 22, 2017
Phinney’s was recently contacted by a pup’s mom in distress. Specifically, her dog Lilynina (Lily for short) had significant dental disease that needed to be treated. Lily’s veterinarian recommended that Lily have dental surgery to remove built up calculus above and below the gum line and to extract diseased, loose teeth.
Lily’s mom couldn’t pay to treat her precious pup, so Phinney’s Friends assisted with the cost of the dental surgery. Lily had nine dental extractions during the procedure. That’s a lot of teeth! And even though this left Lily toothless, it meant that Lily had the source of her pain and infection removed. No worries about Lily being toothless! Once her gums heal, she will be able to chew wet and even dry food with no difficulty; it may be a little more messy. But hey, that’s what paper towels are for!

Lily’s mom called Phinney’s Friends a couple weeks after her surgery, and she is very happy to report that Lily is “a whole new dog!” She is far more active and playful, doing things she hasn’t done in quite a long time, probably because the source of her chronic pain and infection has been eliminated. Lily’s mom said the title of Lily‘s story should be, “As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But you can, when they are feeling better!”

Homemade Cat & Dog Treats!

April 19, 2017

Have you ever considered whipping up a special dish or treat for your furry friend? It’s always exciting to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen and really easy to include your pets in the fun!





This Carrot and Sweet Potato Kitty Treat recipe is from the Peaceful Dumpling. Sweet potatoes provide your feline companion with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron. Carrots provide such nutrients as Vitamin A and Vitamin B6. Delicious!


½ large carrot, peeled and diced

½ sweet potato, peeled and diced

1 tsp vegetable oil

1 tsp brown sugar

½ tsp whole wheat flower

1 tsp ground cinnamon


Preheat your oven to 500*F

Mix carrots and sweet potatoes in a small bowl with vegetable oil. Add the brown sugar, whole wheat flower and mix until the veggies are lightly coated.

Spread out in one single layer on a lightly greased foil wrapped baking pan and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until crispy

Remove from the oven and let cool for at least an hour

Remove foil and shake treats into an airtight baggie or container. Store in the refrigerator.



This recipe is from All Natural Dog Treat. These treats may be kept at room temperature for 2-3 weeks or 6 weeks if stored in the refrigerator. They may also be frozen!


1-1/2 C whole wheat flower

1-1/2 C white flower

½ C organic, all natural peanut butter

1 C water

2 tbs oil


Preheat oven to 350. Using a mixer, combine the water, oil and peanut butter; cream until mixed well. Add the flours one cup at a time. You will have a crumbly mixture.

Press the crumbly mixture together tightly to form a tight ball.

Then divide the dough in half, so that it is easier to work with. Just work a little quickly, as the other half of the dough with begin to become dry. Roll out to a ¼” thickness and cut into 3-4” shapes. You may use a pizza cutter to make little squares, or other fun shapes.

Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Allow to cool and remove from cookie sheet.



This Catnip Soup is sure to please! The recipe has been adapted by PETA from Simply Pets.


½ C dry vegan cat food

¼ cup  warm almond milk or soy milk

3 tsp catnip


Put the cat food and milk in a bowl and mix

Sprinkle with catnip and mix again

If your furry buddy prefers warm soup, just warm in the microwave or in a pot on the stove. This soup is delicious when served either hot or cold.



The following recipe comes from Su’s Recipes and is a ‘One Pot Wonder’. Quick, easy and sure to satisfy the most discerning pups! This particular meal is simple to make ahead in bulk, and can be portioned into freezer containers or bags for consumption later.

INGREDIENTS (use a little of this, a little of that!)

Boiled rice




Peanut butter







Flaxseed oil

Coconut oil

Olive oil


Prepare this in a crockpot or on the stovetop and heat until thoroughly cooked. Let cool before indulging your pup!


Disclaimer: Phinney’s Friends is not a veterinarian and makes no claims to the contrary. Each pet’s dietary needs and restrictions are unique. Be sure to contact your veterinarian regarding your specific pet’s dietary needs. This blog is proved for informational and entertainment purposes only. Content should not be considered a substitute for veterinary expertise or treatment. Phinney’s Friends in no way provides any warranty, express or implied, towards the content of recipes in this blog. It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the safety and quality of any recipe or instruction.

Silent Auction Happening on Facebook – Now!

April 13, 2017

Silent Auction! “Make A Splash” Dog Basket!

We are auctioning the “Make a Splash” dog basket right here, right now on Facebook! The basket is valued at $165, and is made-up entirely of brand-new items donated to Phinney’s. The amount we raise will be used to pay vet bills of pets in need, which is our biggest expense as an organization.


This is a beautiful basket intended to be used by you and your four-legged friend during the summer months. Get outside, get wet, and have fun, while helping a wonderful cause!

The auction will end on Sunday, April 30th at 12pm. To bid, simply comment below with an amount. The highest bid will win, so make sure to bid higher than the person who commented before you. The winner can pick up the basket at our office in Lincoln, MA. Any day is fine, even weekends.


The basket contains the following items:
Acqua double dog bowl, Frisbee and squeaky basketball toy, KONG Squeezz Jels Hippo Squeaking Dog Toy (Large, Colors Vary), KONG SPORT Aqua Pro Flotation Vest for Dogs (Red), KONG toss rope toy, Licks it faucet waterer, CHUCKIT! ULTRA WING DOG TOY, Outward Hound Doggy Drencher Dog Water Toy (Large, Multicolor), West Paw chew floating toy, PETCO tie out stake, Guardian Gear cotton 25foot leash, Good to Go Waterproof leash, 12 tennis balls.

Bid away!!