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Woofstock 2016 was a Great Time!

September 26, 2016


Take Time to “Paws” for the Holidays!

September 25, 2016


We are so excited about our upcoming holiday festival, Paws for the Holidays! The party will take place on November 12th at Pierce House in Lincoln, MA, from 11am-4pm.  In addition to celebrating the holiday season, we will also be celebrating Phinney’s Friends 20th Anniversary. We hope to make this party an annual event and that it helps Phinney’s keep supporting low-income families and their pets for the next 20 years!

Are you ready to have some holiday fun and solve all your shopping needs in a day? We will have pictures with Santa, caricatures, Thanksgiving baskets, restaurant and market gift cards, pet costumes, toys and other gifts for your pooches and kitties, homemade pet treats, delicious food and drinks for the two-legged guests, and live music and caroling!

Admission is free, and four-legged friends are welcome! We hope to see you there. It’s going to be a great time.

Also, we are still looking for donations to our silent auction, so if you have something you’d like to donate, reach out to us! Happy Fall, Friends!

Fall Activities with Dogs

September 21, 2016
fall2With the beautiful falling leaves and dropping temperatures, fall is a gorgeous time of the year to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t forget to include your dog in your seasonal activities. There is so much that you can do together!

Get Outdoors
With the brisk fall weather in the air, it’s a perfect time to throw on some warm layers and take a nice stroll with your dog. Consider taking Fido on your next hike or bike, because the splendor of fall foliage is too nice to enjoy alone. But make sure that your dog is in good health if you’ll exercise him more than you generally do. Take him to the vet for a check up, as you don’t want your best friend to get hurt.

Get Cooking
Do you just love everything pumpkin flavored during the fall? Dogs do too! Pumpkin is a healthy, fresh treat that dogs just gobble up, and you won’t feel guilty about giving it to them. We’ve found a few delicious pup-kin snacks, like this pumpkin peanut butter recipe or these pumpkin dog biscuits.
Get Sporty
Fall sports aren’t just for people, dogs can enjoy sports too! Throw on your favorite jersey, grab a ball and head outdoors for a nice game of catch with your pup. Enjoy your time playing fetch in the backyard, and after you can both relax on the couch watching the real deal.
Stay Indoors
Sure, the weather might be great during the fall, but so it’s sure nice to cuddle up inside as well. Grab a hot cup of cider and sit in front a roaring fire with your dog. Sometimes there is nothing better than cuddling.
We hope you and your dog enjoy the most of the fall season!

Woofstock This Weekend! 9/24/16

September 19, 2016

We will be at Woofstock this weekend! Will have a tent where we will be sharing info about Phinney’s and selling pet Halloween costumes and holiday twoofstockoys! Hope to see you there!

Phinney’s Friends Featured on PetsEmpower Podcast

September 15, 2016
Phinney’s Friends was recently interviewed for a PetsEmpower podcast. PetsEmpower is a non-profit organization that helps survivors of domestic violence find temporary fostering homes for dogs, cats, and other pets, allowing the survivors to enter shelters and access services that often don’t allow pets. The goal is for the survivors to ultimately be reunited with their pets.


In the podcast, Phinney’s Communications Manager Marissa McAleer discusses the history of Phinney’s Friends and its evolution over time. Marissa also outlines numerous ways that people can become involved with Phinney’s Friends, including joining as a volunteer or making a donation. Phinney’s provides services based on the needs of the pet owner, including an Evercare Program, Food Program and an Emergency Program. And in line with the PetsEmpower mission, one of the services that Phinney’s Friends provides is the fostering of pets that may otherwise be homeless due to domestic violence situations.


We are so thankful to PetsEmpower for featuring Phinney’s Friends in its podcast and allowing us to share our mission with others. You can listen to the full podcast here.


Fifi the Escape Artist has Emergency Surgery

September 9, 2016


Phinney’s Friends believes that the human-animal bond is a source of great comfort and joy to both people and their pets, and the relationship between Mairena and her cat Fifi is a perfect example of that.

Fifi, Mairena’s constant companion, recently escaped and returned with a severe head injury, the cause of which still remains unknown. Mairena was terribly upset. She managed to arrange payment for Fifi’s emergency surgery, but needed financial assistance to provide Fifi with a follow-up dental procedure.

After screening Mairena for low-income status and negotiating a discount with the vet clinic, we were able to help Mairena with the vet bill and help Fifi get better. The dental surgery was quickly done and was a great success. Fifi now is fully recovered and is happily running around Mairena’s home. The two are again spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

Unfortunately, Fifi is still an escape artist at heart and still tries to sneak outside. Mairena is being extra vigilant, and watching Fifi’s every move. She never wants to risk her cat’s health to an injury again, and we don’t blame her. What a scare!

We are so glad we could help Fifi on her road to recovery. Fifi, we’re watching you, girl! Be good!

Phinney’s Helps Bunny The Cat Gets Much-Needed Dental Work!

August 31, 2016

Bunny2Jan loves her companion Bunny. But don’t let the name fool you – Bunny is a cat, not a rabbit! Jan, Bunny and Bunny’s kitty brother, Mr. Henry Higgins, are a tremendous team.  That’s why Jan was so upset when Bunny’s became so miserable.

At first, Jan though Bunny was upset due to some “sibling rivalry” with Mr. Henry Higgins, whom she describes as a “rascal”. But when Bunny’s face swelled up and she stopped eating, Jan looked inside her mouth and saw her teeth weren’t looking good. She immediately brought Bunny to the veterinarian.

Poor 9-year-old Bunny had severe dental disease, which untreated can affect the health of cats in many ways. Jan was so worried – rightfully so – that the infection in her mouth could spread to other parts of her body. But she couldn’t afford dental surgery on her Social Security income.

After doing some research, she found Phinney’s Friends and asked for our help. And help we did! Phinney’s paid for Bunny’s dental surgery, which involved 11 tooth extractions. Bunny’s mouth is now healed and even with 11 less teeth, she can eat just fine and without pain. Bunny is back to being her energetic, happy self. Happy tails indeed!

Jan reached out to Phinney’s to express gratitude on behalf of herself and Bunny. Her advice to other cat owners? “If your friendly cuddly cat starts hiding or hanging out by herself, check FIRST for any physical problem. Now that Bunny feels so much better, she is cuddling and purring next to me every chance she gets.”

Great news, Jan. We wish you and Bunny (and even that rascal, Mr. Henry Higgins!) lots of luck!