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Can You Grant Phinney’s a Wish?

October 18, 2016

Phinney’s Friends Amazon Wish List is a great way to help Phinney’s provide assistance to people and their pets when they need it most.

Would you like to have an even greater impact with your donation? Send us items from our Amazon Wish List through Amazon Smile program to increase the value of your donation! You just need to choose Phinney’s Friends as your preferred charity at Amazon Smile, and Amazon will give us a fee at no additional cost to you every time you make a purchase through the smile link.

We have selected for our Wish List an array of products we need, from things our clients always request — like cat scratchers, cat litter and pet food — to items we need to perform our work, such as packing tape, paper, markers, and even a canopy for events. One product always in demand is eGift Cards, which allow us to purchase items quickly in an emergency.

Our Amazon Wish List is updated periodically to reflect the items in greatest need. Check the priority of any particular item on the Amazon posting, as well as the quantity desired. Any items you purchase should be delivered directly to Phinney’s Friends to PO Box 425, Lincoln, MA, 01773.

With the support of people like you, Phinney’s Friends can continue to keep pet owners and their pets together during times of difficulty. As always, we thank you for your continued support and generosity!

Hocus Pocus! Halloween Costumes for your Pup!

October 13, 2016
Trick or treating is a great opportunity to show off what a great pair you and your pet make! Below are some costumes to get your pet in the spirit of Halloween, and ideas for you too!


Simple costumes that express your dog’s favorite things:
Owner’s costume: Coke or Hamburger


Owner’s costume: Cop


Or join in on the pet shaming fun



I cannot guarantee you won’t have a gaggle of teenagers chasing your dog:
Owner’s costume: Ash or Pokeball


There’s ghosts out on the streets, who you gonna call?
Owner’s costume: Ghost or Slimer


Stay topical with these election-inspired costumes:
A nice neutral Pet for President!


Follow John Oliver’s cues and throw a Supreme Court robe on your pup!
For more giggles:


Or a harness costume could work out in your favor – like this Jockey Rider!
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.17.30 PM.png
Consider making your own version out of an old harness and an unused doll or stuffed animal!


Share pics of your pet’s (and your) costumes with us! And don’t forget to supply doggy treats for furry Halloween visitors! Have fun!

The Face of Phinney’s Friends

October 10, 2016

Marissa with coon hound Mercy Lou and husky mix Little Luna

How effective would Phinney’s work be if no one knew about it? Being active online and especially in social media makes us reach more people who need help with their pets, and more good souls who help us grow through their donations and volunteer work.

That’s where Marissa McAleer makes a difference. A lawyer by profession, Marissa is not afraid of a challenge. When she moved from New Jersey to Waltham with her husband, in 2014, she started looking into connecting with a pet-related nonprofit. By searching for volunteer opportunities nearby, she found our website, and applied to join our team.

Marissa is intrepid. She first started helping with events. Soon after, though, she relocated to New Hampshire, and we really hoped she would continue volunteering. Marissa liked Phinney’s Friends so much, she decided she would continue volunteering, doing work from home for the organization.

When she found out Phinney’s Friends needed help with Facebook, she jumped in and started blogging about the loving people and the pets we help in Massachusetts. She soon started tweeting for us as well, and our social media pages spiked with visits, shares and comments as never seen before. We even started finding new volunteers through those channels!

It didn’t matter that Marissa had never worked in journalism, PR or website programming. After getting into a routine with Facebook and Twitter, she was ready for new adventures and signed up to become our newsletter editor and to manage our blog and website.

“Marissa is a force of nature,” says Daniela Caride, Phinney’s Friends President. “Her energy is inspiring, and we are all extremely grateful for her stamina, intelligence and for never giving up. If someone will get the job done it’s Marissa.”

With such an incredible drive and enthusiasm, Marissa was soon managing a team of volunteers. She schedules the production of stories and suggests ways to improve our website content, getting in to update it, and learning how to edit things herself. She’s even writing stories for the newsletter.

Give her a task, and she will master it. “I had zero experience in web design and web development. But I’m happy to do those things,” she says, very casually.

But we don’t take her contributions lightly. Marissa is focused and organized. And with her skills, she brought to Phinney’s online presence a much-needed freshness, and made it infinitely more dynamic.

Will she stop here? We don’t think so, and we hope not. When she gets too comfortable with these complex volunteer tasks she is leading, we’ll make sure to offer her yet another one to add to her plate.

If she agrees to do it, we can sit back and relax. She will, without a doubt, get it done.

Yard Sale Oct 15 – pet supplies galore!

October 6, 2016


******** PET SUPPLIES GALORE! ********

Saturday, October 15th


110 Old Concord Rd, Lincoln, MA

Charity yard sale to raise funds for pets and people in need!

Brand-new pet items

Dog collars, leashes, toys, tie-out stakes, clothing, winter jackets, etc!

Please join us to help Phinney’s Friends raise funds to pay for vet visits and pet food.

Pick something up for your furry friend while you’re at it!

Phinney’s Opens its Second Pantry: Partnership with Cotting School allows Phinney’s to expand services to struggling low-income families in Massachusetts

October 5, 2016

Cotting School, a nonprofit school in Lexington, founded in 1893 to serve students with special needs, started the school year with a new and exciting project — it launched a pet pantry managed jointly with Phinney’s Friends.

The new school activity is teaching young adults how to manage a pantry operation while it allows Phinney’s to distribute more pet supplies to low-income families in Massachusetts. The new facility in Lexington is managing all Phinney’s food-related donations, while the pet nonprofit pantry located in Lincoln is focusing on non-perishable supplies.


Phinney’s President, Daniela Caride, trains Cotting School students to work in the pantry.

“Time and again we have seen people give up their own food to feed their hungry pets, or spend their monthly allowance at the people pantry on pet foods because they can’t afford to buy it at the market,” says Daniela Caride, President of Phinney’s Friends.

“Can you imagine the heartbreak of giving up your pet during a crisis, which is when you need your pet the most? We are so proud that we are joining forces with Cotting School, allowing Phinney’s to grow and help more low-income families struggling to keep their animals.”

Two classes work weekly at the Cotting pantry in Lexington. One class takes inventory, bags items for deliveries and makes phone calls to check if stores that gather Phinney’s donations need a pickup. The other class inspects incoming donations dropped off by Phinney’s volunteers, sorts them by type of pet and expiration date, and scratches off barcodes and prices.

Both nonprofits began finding synergies a couple of years ago, when Cotting School sent to Phinney’s Friends pantry in Lincoln the first group of kids to sort and organize donations. Their Project Bridges Program gives the students an opportunity to acquire work experience, while Phinney’s gets much needed hands-on volunteer help at its office.

The friendship flourished and brought opportunities for students to help Phinney’s Friends in other areas, such as clerical work, mail pickups, donation pickups and deliveries, blogging, tweeting and even dog treat baking.

“We are so honored we now have a long-term relationship with such a strong organization that we deeply admire. By holding hands with Cotting, we hope Phinney’s will continue growing and be able to help low-income people with their pets for generations to come.”

Letter From Our President – Saving Logan

October 2, 2016

Hello friends,

Our busy summer brought many challenges we thankfully overcame. One of them was saving Logan the Cat.

loganLogan’s mom, a longtime client, called us to ask for a new cat. She told us she had surrendered Logan to a shelter because he scratched her and she couldn’t afford getting hurt because of her poor health.

We understand she has to be careful. But we were disappointed she didn’t give us a chance to take him, and heartbroken she didn’t consider he may need her help too. He had been such a good cat for so many years and, like her, could be ill.

We immediately summoned volunteers and strategized how to find Logan. We pulled strings, called in favors, and in a matter of days we located him, removed him from the shelter at no cost, took him to the vet and placed him in foster.

He was so skinny and dirty, poor thing! After blood tests, we found out he had developed EPI, a condition in which the body stops producing an enzyme necessary to digest food. Even though he was ravenous and eating tons, he couldn’t get the needed nutrition.

A few days ago we started him on medication, and he has since gained weight, and have been eating properly. He is also more relaxed, back to grooming himself and thoroughly enjoying the days at his foster home in Ware, Massachusetts.

Bottom line, he was sick and, feeling unwell and unheard, he lashed out. That was all.

This tremendous task force was only possible thanks to the perseverance and generosity of so many volunteers. Without our team effort, Logan wouldn’t be alive, as the shelter didn’t have the resources to diagnose and treat him.

Our volunteers deserve a big round of applause for their efforts! Also, Kindness Animal Hospital and VCA Wickaboag Animal Hospitaldeserve a big thank you, as they gave us discounts to support Logan on his path back to health, and keep supporting Phinney’s Friends moving forward.

I am so proud of being part of Phinney’s. We are here to keep people and their beloved pets together. But if the human fails the animal — which seldom happens but sometimes it does — we make sure we don’t. We try to keep the beloved pet safe and give him a chance at happiness. We need them as much as they need us.



Daniela Caride, President

Woofstock 2016 was a Great Time!

September 26, 2016