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Message from our President – Fun, Fundraisers & Festivities!

July 22, 2017

Dear friends,

We’ve been busy at Phinney’s Friends, planning lots of events and writing grants. Our hope is to increase our donation base and be able to reopen all our programs really soon!

One of the events we are planning is Phinney’s Ride. A small group of bike riders traverses 75 miles from Stow MA to Fitzwilliam NH on September 9, 2017. They overnight at a cabin owned by the leading biker and have a fun, quiet night chatting until it’s time to go to sleep. The next day they go 75 miles back to Stow — all this to raise funds for Phinney’s. Each biker signs up to raise at least $500 for us.

20108290_10155541650178684_1535625539890163797_nAre you an avid bike rider? If you’d like to hang out with really cool, animal-loving people who also appreciate biking — all for a good cause — let us know! We are still recruiting.

Believe it or not, despite the hot weather, we are also thinking Holiday Festival. Yes, we are making lots of plans to expand and spruce up our Holiday event on November 12, 2017, at the Pierce House in Lincoln MA, so it will be even more fun and successful.

pawspic-300x300We are approaching lots of people to make unique arts and crafts, so we can provide you with great gifts for family and friends, and we will have all sorts of goodies for Thanksgiving. If you’d like to help us by making candles, kitchen towels, kitty toys or blankets — anything you’d like to contribute to our cause, please jump in!

As you can see, we are keeping busy! But if you’d like to chat with us, have fun and score a bargain in the process, come meet us at our tent at Woofstock in Hudson, on September 23, 2017. We’ll keep our tradition and sell doggie outfits for $5 and dog toys for $2. All brand new products donated by very generous businesses who appreciate our mission to help low-income people and their pets stay together.

Cool, huh? See you then!


Daniela Caride, President of the Board



Periwinkle & Natividad Find Love Again

July 19, 2017

A few months ago, Periwinkle’s dad, James, a Phinney’s client, passed away. Since Phinney’s Friends makes a promise to our regular clients to find a new situation for their pets if they survive their owners, Periwinkle became our responsibility.

Periwinkle-27 small

Mr. Periwinkle, looking as regal as ever. 

Poor Peri. He doesn’t like other animals, but our sweet volunteers made all they could to keep him safe, even though the circumstances might not have been ideal for that big boy. The priority was to make sure he could stay in a home until we could find him a new mom or dad.

Thanks to many volunteers who took really good care of him for months, and many households later, Peri was taken to Natividad’s house, another Phinney’s client who had recently lost her beloved kitty, Pinto, to old age.


The lovely Natividad and her sweet kitty, Pinto.

She was devastated and very reluctant to give another cat a chance, as she thought she could never love any other cat as she loved Pinto. Pinto was big, super fluffy and super sweet — a really nice guy. One day our President, Daniela Caride, was browsing some client pictures and when she saw Peri’s face, it clicked. Of course! Fluffy, big guy! He needed a home, and Natividad craved for companionship.

Our volunteers took Peri to Natividad’s home for a visit. But was a visit that turned into a stay right there. He hopped out of the carrier with much confidence and curiosity. He sniffed every inch of the house and plopped himself down, in view of everyone, while Natividad and the volunteers chatted. Natividad said he could stay. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him!

A few days later, Daniela got a call late at night from Natividad. Worried, she picked up the phone thinking something bad had happened. Phew! Natividad inadvertently called Daniela, while playing with her phone! What a clown! Maybe he just wanted to call and say “meow”?

Periwinkle-26 small

“Hello? Daniela? It’s me, Peri! Just calling to say ‘hey'”

Longtime friends Daniela and Natividad (Daniela was Pinto’s volunteer for almost a decade) had a nice chat, and Natividad reported she was completely in love with Peri and vice versa. She said the big kitty made himself at home since the first moment he came through the door, and it’s been as if they had known each other since forever. She couldn’t help doing baby talk with Peri while talking to Daniela. So cute!

We were all so happy they found each other. And it really feels good to be able to honor our promise to James and know that Peri is now happy again.

Help Phinney’s on Amazon Prime Day!

July 6, 2017


Amazon Prime Day will run from 9 p.m. ET on July 10 until 3 a.m. ET on July 12. If you plan on getting in on some of the great deals, be sure to shop using and chose Phinney’s Friends as the charity of your choice. A percentage of your purchase will be donated directly to us at no cost to you!

It costs you nothing, but it means everything to the people in pets in need that Phinney’s is dedicated to helping. Happy shopping!!

Paws in Bloom Event a Success!

June 26, 2017

The Paws in Bloom event at Pet Source was a great success. Happy pet owners left with beautiful artwork made from paw prints.

All proceeds collected benefited Phinney’s Friends, helping low-income people keep their pets by providing financial assistance and pet care.

“Star Wars – The Force is With You” Dog Basket Auction Happening Now!

June 19, 2017

Make sure you go to Facebook now and bid on our dog basket.  The basket is valued at $250, and is made-up entirely of brand-new items donated to Phinney’s. The amount we raise will be used to pay vet bills of pets in need, which is our biggest expense as an organization.

Bidding ends this Sunday, June 25th, at noon. Click HERE to bid!


Paws in Bloom was a Great Event – Don’t Miss our Second Date on June 24th!

June 15, 2017

Paws in Bloom – our fundraiser where we turn a dog’s paw print into a beautiful piece of art – was a great success at Pet Source on June 10th. Be sure to check out the adorable photos below. More photos can be seen HERE!

Our next Paws in Bloom Event is on June 24th! Don’t miss it!


For Luna, My Heart Dog

June 7, 2017

By Marissa McAleer, Phinney’s Communications Manager

Little Luna picked me. It’s a saying we’ve all heard time and time again, perhaps trite even. In my case, it was literally true.

I am the only person that she’s ever come up to willingly, and it happened within moments of meeting her. She even allowed me to pet her. She never feared me. She has never been anxious around me. Coming from a dog that is suspicious of everyone and everything (her nick name is “The Sheriff”), that’s saying something.


Oh, hey there Littlest Luna!

At that first meeting, she came right up to me as if to say, “I know you and I are meant to be friends. If you’ve got a can of wet food, a warm bed and a tennis ball, how about you and me make this thing permanent, huh?”

And so we did. To me she has never shown anything but trust, love and loyalty. It took her a while to warm up to my husband, going so far as to growl at him as he tried to enter the bedroom while I was taking a nap. (She’s very protective of me!) But with a little time, patience and understanding, they became best of friends.

I love my three dogs. But Luna is my best friend, while the other two would gladly trade me in for a slice of roast beef and a belly rub. Luna is my soul mate in canine form. She is the embodiment of a “heart dog”.

IMG_0434 (1)

Little Luna, surrounded by hound dogs – Bluebell aka Bluey McGee in the center, and Mercy Lou on the right – focused and waiting for nom noms!

That’s why my heart broke when the growth on her paw we thought was a wart was actually diagnosed as skin cancer. But I was committed to doing whatever necessary to get her the treatment she needed.

She had blood work, x-rays, surgery to have the growth removed and an oncologist visit. We gave her the medication she needed. We provided her with supplements and nutritional support, and lots and lots of love. Long story short, the cancer was low grade and the surgeon was able to remove the entire thing. (Shout-out to Dr. Lampman and the entire staff at VESH in Brentwood, NH!) The wonderful oncologist we saw at NEVOG in Waltham, MA, confirmed that she has recovered fully. In all honestly, I’m afraid to say we are out of the woods aloud, as I am a bit superstitious. But Little Luna is helping me learn to live more in the moment.


We’re not spoiled. We swear.

After focusing on how blessed we are that Little Luna is okay, I reflected on how lucky we were to be able to pay for everything she needed. And then I thought of Phinney’s Friends.

I’ve been volunteering with Phinney’s for over three years, working primarily on our newsletter, webpage, blog and social media. What drew me to Phinney’s was its mission of helping low-income people take care of their pets. Our biggest expense by far is vet bills.

While I have always supported Phinney’s mission, never before did it hit so close to home. When I received the bills for Little Luna’s treatments, I thought how terrible it would have been if she had to be denied what she needed because we couldn’t afford it.

What an honor it is to be part of an organization that steps up to the plate in times of crisis, helping both pets and people in need. We’ve recently had to temporarily suspend programs because we are running low on funds. This is truly heartbreaking. I think of all the Little Lunas out there who need vet treatment to continue living happy, healthy lives with their human companions. Every dollar, every item off our Amazon Wish List, every purchase made through Amazon Smile assists us in helping save the lives of animals and heal the hearts of their human companions.

As for Little Luna, she was mad at me for a hot minute about the cone of shame, but is over it now. She’s back to her usual self, chasing chipmunks and guarding the house from serious dangers like deer, bumble bees and delivery truck drivers. We celebrated the end of this ordeal with a fun trip to the dog park. We counted our blessings. Then we made a wish that Phinney’s Friends will always be around.


Best friends forever!