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National Dog Week

October 14, 2014
(Alex Mestas Photo)

(Alex Mestas Photo)

“Wanna go for a walk?” Did you just find yourself tilting your head while your tail started involuntarily wagging on its own? Chances are if you’re a canine these 5 words mean something special: a chance to stretch your legs and check in on the other dogs in the neighborhood. We know dogs love walking but do we know why?

There are many theories but my favorite is that it allows them to see and smell outside of their home environment. Whatever the reason, the walk is the primary form of entertainment/activity for your dog on a daily basis. So now that it’s National Dog Walking Week why not take a second look at your normal routine.

Let’s face it, to a canine, humans are boring. We’re gone most of the day and when we’re home usually too tired to do much. Evening walks take care of your dog’s exercise needs as well as gives him a chance to sniff around the neighborhood to see what the other doggies are up to. To us, it may be a tree but to a canine it’s the doggie water cooler! All the latest gossip is here: maybe not who’s dating who, but definitely “I was here”.

Take some time to think about your daily walk. Is there something you could do to make it more entertaining for your pup? Maybe on a weekend you could take your dog on an extra long walk. Let your dog sniff trees they’ve only dreamed about. Try a hike in the woods or jot by the beach. Remember, this is their entertainment so even if you can only promise that 20 minute daily walk, try to make it count every time you leave the house. Take a different route, turn a new corner, walk on the opposite side of the street and your dog will thank you for it.

- By Maureen Berry

MRFRS Fall Rabies Clinic Coming Up on October 18th

October 7, 2014

Rabies & Microchipping Clinic to Be Held October 18th

Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society

Keep em’ safe and up to date!

Saturday, October 18, 2014 * 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Hilton Senior Center ~ 43 Lafayette Road (Route 1) Salisbury, MA 01952

$10.00 for Rabies Vaccines * $20.00 for Microchip Identification (includes registration)
Cats and dogs are welcome!  

All dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in carriers.
Please bring a current rabies certificate if you would like your pet to receive a three-year rabies vaccine.

 For more information, please call 

Woofstock Dog Festival

August 25, 2014

woofstock poster 2014

Elsa the lioness

August 7, 2014

We just got this lovely note from Elizabeth, one of our most hard-working volunteers who is permanently fostering Daisy the cat.


Here is a little blurb about Daisy:

I’ve nicknamed her Elsa, because she is the most beautiful and sweetest little lioness I’ve ever met.

She is my new found friend, a 10, maybe 11 year old marmalade kitty that Phinney’s Friends needed to find a home for.  And, fortunately for me,  they decided to name me as her new forever home. She has taken to the cat tree, to a cardboard box, to the fully fenced in balcony where she thinks someone designed it just for her, but, especially she has taken to my lap — what a treat for me!

Each time I take an older cat, I say to myself “OK, no more senior cats.” But then one comes along, and how can you say “No”?  If not me? They become such a joy — and I’m not even a crazy cat lady!  It is almost as if you can sense their gratitude, and really I am the one who is grateful.

Thanks Phinney’s Friends for the wonderful work you do and the people and pets you serve.

Dog Wash Fun Part II: PetSource in Concord

August 1, 2014

As you may have read in our last blog post, Phinney’s Friends recently put on a series of fundraising dog wash events. The most recent event was on 7/20 at the PetSource in Concord, MA.

Thanks to all who made our dog wash events fun and successful, we appreciate all of the donations and visits!

See some of our most photogenic clients from the Concord PetSource dog wash below:              (Click to enlarge the image)

Dog Wash Fun at the PetSource in Marlborough

July 15, 2014

Phinney’s Friends hosted a dog wash to help raise funds for our efforts on Sunday, July 13th at the PetSource in Marlborough. The dog wash was a success and we had a blast washing all of the cute and cuddly dogs! Our doggy clients ranged in size (from 5lbs to 140lbs) and breed (labs, pomeranians, Great Pyrenees, and more) but they were all friendly and fun!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and made a donation to Phinney’s Friends organization, we greatly appreciate it…

We will be having another dog wash at the PetSource on 1173 Main Street in Concord MA this Sunday, July 20th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Come with a stinky pooch, leave with a clean pup and goodie bag for just $10! All proceeds help Phinney’s Friends. We hope to see you there with your dog!

See some of our most photogenic clients below:        (Click to enlarge the image)

Nick’s leg is sooo much better. Happy 4th!

July 3, 2014

At Phinney’s we will all have a wonderful 4th of July because we are celebrating! Phinney’s Friends helped Nick the Cat by financing his skin graft procedure. His leg just wouldn’t heal by itself. Today we got this sweet email from his dad, Joey, thanking us and showing us how well the leg is recovering.

PS – If you don’t like graphic pictures, you might want to stop reading now, so you don’t take a peek at Nick’s skin graft below. :-)
“Hey guys !  I just wanted to update you on Nick’s progress and offer my endless thanks for the love and support that you and Phinney’s Friends gave to Nick and me. I know he would have had to lose his leg, were it not for your incredible support. Thank you!!!

Julia, I know you don’t like to see gross photos, but I thought it important that I send these two pics so that you can see how extreme the situation was, and how through your kindness, he has recovered so well !  He is still in a cone as he won’t seem to leave the skin graft area alone, so I’m going to give it a couple more months to let the skin get even thicker before I remove the cone, for short periods of time.

Happy 4th of July to all of you at Phinney’s Friends!

Just before the operation:

nick leg 1

Three weeks ago:

nick leg 2

So amazing!  Thank you !!!!!

Joey and Nick


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