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Dog Wash Fun at the PetSource in Marlborough

July 15, 2014

Phinney’s Friends hosted a dog wash to help raise funds for our efforts on Sunday, July 13th at the PetSource in Marlborough. The dog wash was a success and we had a blast washing all of the cute and cuddly dogs! Our doggy clients ranged in size (from 5lbs to 140lbs) and breed (labs, pomeranians, Great Pyrenees, and more) but they were all friendly and fun!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and made a donation to Phinney’s Friends organization, we greatly appreciate it…

We will be having another dog wash at the PetSource on 1173 Main Street in Concord MA this Sunday, July 20th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Come with a stinky pooch, leave with a clean pup and goodie bag for just $10! All proceeds help Phinney’s Friends. We hope to see you there with your dog!

See some of our most photogenic clients below:        (Click to enlarge the image)

Nick’s leg is sooo much better. Happy 4th!

July 3, 2014

At Phinney’s we will all have a wonderful 4th of July because we are celebrating! Phinney’s Friends helped Nick the Cat by financing his skin graft procedure. His leg just wouldn’t heal by itself. Today we got this sweet email from his dad, Joey, thanking us and showing us how well the leg is recovering.

PS – If you don’t like graphic pictures, you might want to stop reading now, so you don’t take a peek at Nick’s skin graft below. :-)
“Hey guys !  I just wanted to update you on Nick’s progress and offer my endless thanks for the love and support that you and Phinney’s Friends gave to Nick and me. I know he would have had to lose his leg, were it not for your incredible support. Thank you!!!

Julia, I know you don’t like to see gross photos, but I thought it important that I send these two pics so that you can see how extreme the situation was, and how through your kindness, he has recovered so well !  He is still in a cone as he won’t seem to leave the skin graft area alone, so I’m going to give it a couple more months to let the skin get even thicker before I remove the cone, for short periods of time.

Happy 4th of July to all of you at Phinney’s Friends!

Just before the operation:

nick leg 1

Three weeks ago:

nick leg 2

So amazing!  Thank you !!!!!

Joey and Nick

Pooh the cat doing great after tooth removal!

June 21, 2014

We have just received this lovely message from one of the families we helped this week. We are all so happy we could save this kitty with such a simple procedure. Two teeth pulled, and here is a perfectly healthy cat going back home to her loved ones. :-)

**Disclaimer! After the letter, you will see pix of Pooh. The last one is kind of graphic because it shows the bad teeth that were pulled. So, if you don’t want to see it, just look at the pretty face on the first 3 pictures, OK? **

Dear Julia,

I wanted to send you the pix Union Square vet took of the badly decayed upper tooth that they removed on Wednesday. Deanna did a before and after pic, sorry — the before pic is quite Ugh! They also had to remove a lower tooth on the same side. But Pooh got through the procedure fine. She is still a bit spaced out but already clearly feeling much better.
She was immediately steady on her feet as soon as I got her home, so I am glad I discussed anesthesia options in depth with the vets there. They primarily used gas.

She has been eating, and drinking, sleeping, etc. just fine. I am expecting that in another day or two, when all the meds are out of her system, the “spaced out” effect will be completely gone.

The most amazing thing is that she so obviously already feels BETTER!!! No pain! So she is more alert, yet more relaxed when sleeping, has a good appetite, is in much better spirits. She is still getting accustomed to eating with fewer teeth, but she is learning fast. Today she has already eaten 1 1/2 cans of food!

I am sending a couple of other photos of Pooh. Two were taken a few years ago. The other was taken just recently. I noticed that she sometimes gets a bit chilly in cold weather, so I got a chihuahua sweater for her on sale at Petco — only $3 and it does help keep her warmer. She seems quite comfy when she wears it.

Thanks so much to everyone at Phinney’s Friends! I will send a further update again in a few days. All the best to everyone at Phinney’s Friends.

Jan and Pooh (and Bunny, my 8 year old cat, rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, says thanks and Hi too)

PoohBed PoohCU PoohPinkJacket PoohTooth1

Fee Waived Cat Adoptathon

June 18, 2014

The MSPCA will be waiving the adoption fee for cats 9 years and older from July 1-July 15!  While kittens and young adult cats are often adopted quickly, many of the senior cats remain homeless for weeks or even months before finding a forever home. These promotions help to highlight the amazing and adoptable senior cats, and they’ve even got a fun classic movie theme this year– Check out the “Catsablanca” poster!

Visit to learn more! site DocServer Adopt_a_Classic_ _Boston.pdf docID 12141

Download the flier here: Catsablanca


Boston Indoor Tennis Classic helped Phinney’s this year!

June 18, 2014

The 17th Annual Boston Indoor Tennis Classic, that took place this month at the Winchester Tennis Club, featured Phinney’s Friends as their charity of the year. Cliff Gibbons organized a charitable opening dinner, where Phinney’s Board Member Laura Howes, our Financial Coordinator, talked about the work we do to help low-income families keep their pets to the group of 60 attendees. Also, Michelle Dufresne, whose cat was helped by Phinney’s in the past and who is now a dedicated volunteer at the organization, spoke about how Phinney’s supported her cat through fostering and vet bills.

Not only was the group excited to hear about how the organization helps pets and their owners, but they wanted to help out too. Phinney’s raised over $1000 at the event, and several people expressed interest in volunteering with the organization.

Overall, the volunteers were excited to spread the word about Phinney’s Friends, and the group was excited to support our cause. The team at Phinney’s Friends is so thankful for the opportunity to take part in the 17th Annual Boston Indoor Tennis Classic. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!

~ By Rachelyn Provencher  

Clifford Gibbons (left), Laura Howes (center), Michelle Dufresne (right)

Clifford Gibbons (left), Laura Howes (center), Michelle Dufresne (right)


Laura Howes (center) and Michelle Dufresne (right)

The Story of the Bee Gees

June 6, 2014

IMG_9528-resizedBB and GG have lived with me for only a fairly short period of time (less than a year). It happened when their mom passed away, and I became their permanent foster mom through Phinney’s Friends. But in that time, WOW what special cats they are.

When they came, these two beautiful black elderly cats (they were around 15ish when I got them), I could not tell them apart.  I knew their names were BB and GG (Bog Brother and Good Girl), so I called them The BeeGees (I hope Barry Gibb is a cat lover and forgives me!).

Anyway, these guys settled in beautifully and have been a joy. They had had a good life with their previous owner.  Two geriatric cats, I thought, that is a lot to take on. But after thinking about it, I took them. These were elderly cats who had been loved so much, and now they needed a new person to love them and care for them. Why couldn’t that be me? So here I sit, with GG on my lap and BB sleeping on the couch.

BB is showing signs of old age and may just be getting very tired, but don’t we all as we get older? He does not seem to be suffering, and is getting great vet care, but he certainly has slowed down. GG continues to be vocal (a true woman) when she wants something, but wonders why BB isn’t playing with her. I am giving lots of extra loving even knowing she’d rather have her brother.

Anyway, they have brought to mind all the cats and dogs I have loved over the years, and I remembered this little “poem” that I read somewhere by an anonymous author:IMG_9512b-resized

We thought of you today
But that is nothing new
We thought of you yesterday
And days before that too
We think of you in silence
We often call your name
Now all we have is memories
And pictures in a frame
And always have your love
So deeply in our heart
With that deep thought of you
We’ll never be apart.

So, all you good people, please do not hesitate to take on an older animal.  They will love you so much in return.  You will love them and reap many benefits.

By Elizabeth W. – Phinney’s Friends Client


Click on the gallery below to see more pictures:



June is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!

June 4, 2014

(Brandi Eszlinger Photo)

Whether it be food, pollen, or animals, there’s something out there that makes your nose sniffle and eyes water. Don’t worry! You’re not alone, as this month has been set up to spread awareness and understanding of asthma and allergies. June is Asthma and Allergies Awareness Month!

One of the most common type of allergies is to be allergic to cats or dogs. But that doesn’t mean you should surrender your pet or avoid owning a pet altogether. Here are some ways around it…

If you’re allergic to cats, think about owning a dog. Dogs can be loyal, fun to play with, and are a comforting companion to the whole family. Yet if you are allergic to dogs, then consider a cat for your companion needs. Cats are proven to offer the same joys of owning a dog, and are more relaxing and easy to care for, as they don’t have to be walked several times a day.

If you are allergic to both dogs and cats, it doesn’t mean you should call off owning a pet altogether. Other pet options include birds such as parrots and finches, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets, even reptiles like lizards or turtles, or other mammals like ferrets or hamsters.

Also, consult with a doctor to check what exactly your are allergic to. Sometimes people are not allergic to pets, but to dust mites, and cleaning regularly may solve the problem.

Don’t let allergies and asthma get in the way of enjoying the comfort and delight of owning a pet of your own. Pets are not only a unique and wonderful source of joy but also a path for other health benefits, such as stress relief and comfort.

- By Daniel R. Landers


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